!! OMG, how tragic: HomoShame !!

I have pretty mixed feelings about this new site called HOMOSHAME, which is devoted to some of the more tragic/ridiculous members of our community. It’s not particularly meanspirited or anything; it’s basically just Look at that F*cking Hipster for gays, and on one hand it’s like, well why shouldn’t we have our own, right? I’m just not sure it’s making fun of the right people.
Yes, I loled a bunch of times looking throught the pictures, but at the same time– is it really the tragic, ridiculous or aggressively faggy members of our community who need to be called out!? I actually think there are too few of these people these days! I can definitely say that I far prefer them to the supercilious fashion bitches standing in corners in their prissy scarves and moustaches or the popped collar assimilationists whose highest aspiration is to buff over any type of gay difference. (And whose other highest aspiration is to be able to take an entire traffic cone up the ass, but nothing wrong with that!)
The point is that most of the guys at HomoShame like they’re having fun, and it’s actually kind of refreshing to see people who aren’t ashamed of themselves these days. Why shame them? There are plenty of other better people to shame!
My ambivalence aside, the site is pretty f*ckin funny, so check it out and make up your own mind.
Thanks to H for the tip.

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9 Comments on "OMG, how tragic: HomoShame"

  1. Nick, I’d say it’s more accurate that the internalized homophobia of people like you who hate anything flamboyant and identifiable as gay that is making things harder for the rest of us. It takes a lot more balls to live your life as who you are rather than to bitch about those who do.

  2. Cool it Nick, you gotta take the good with what you perceive to be bad, we’re all in this big gay boat together. As much as it pains me to see go-go boys dancing in g-strings on all the alcohol company floats during gay pride, we can’t blame them for ruining it for the rest of us. Nothing is ruined, you big old drama queen.

  3. Good idea, shame about the unwitty captions on the site!

  4. This website is frickin’ hilarious. I see your point Bmad, but funny is funny. If we can’t laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at?

  5. Hear, hear, Bmad!

  6. Lighten up, Nick. Who voted you judge, jury and executioner? There’s no mandate on how gays should act, so why not embrace diversity, live and let live? I think the commentary in the post was spot-on.

  7. Go sit on a cone, Nick.

  8. I agree with you on this one. And also, what about those overly “butch/masculine” types with the popped up chests, sucked in guts and unnatural deep voices. Those guys have always been a HOOT!!! No one is THAT masculine, not even straight men.

  9. please shut the fuck up.
    it’s faggots like those on homoshame that make it harder for the rest of us.

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