!! OMG, how trashy: Glowing BrakeNutz !!

I never really understood why putting balls on your car signified your manliness…to me it just always seemed like a display of gayness wrapped up in a Denny’s placemat.
Now to make it painfully obvious you’re in the closet every time you stop your car you can hang BRAKENUTZ under your licence plate. Watch a video of the glowing wonders HERE. It kind of looks painful…detached testicles that glow a throbbing red…they should go to the free clinic.

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4 Comments on "OMG, how trashy: Glowing BrakeNutz"

  1. The first pair I saw were blue. . .I didn’t think that was something to brag about either.

  2. uhg. Just when I thought tacky – could not get tackier.
    I see them all the time.
    I dont see them as making you more manly by having them on your vehicle. I see them as, if they are on your truck, that means that your truck’s balls are bigger than your own and therefore your truck is manlier than you. And you dont have pair.
    But then I am not a redneck male, so I dont see it “their” way.

  3. True story! One of my good friends in college was from a tiny little village in rural Manitoba and when she was in my carpool she was telling me how she couldn’t see any cow balls on any of the semis…
    So after our first awkward laugh she told us that farmers will actually put cow nuts on the back of their truck’s for good luck! But, I’d rather have discreet cow nuts than flashy LED plastic ones :-/ (These are almost as obnoxious as the skull some people get that lights up when they break)

  4. LOL…I saw these hanging from a huge truck for the first time a few weeks ago. I first laughed and then thought it was a bit pornographic. Once they start getting a bot more popular, I think you will have some soccor mom’s screamin’ foul.

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