!! OMG, how unappealing: Chicken in a Can !!

It’s a whole chicken in a can! Wait. Doesn’t chicken already come whole without having to be stuffed in a can? Can’t I go to Chinatown and buy a freshly killed chicken instead of something that’s been sitting in a tube for heavens knows how long?
If you want to see this monstrosity coming out of the can, check out the photos after the jump. I warn you, it ain’t pretty. It’s like childbirth. Miracle my ass.


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11 Comments on "OMG, how unappealing: Chicken in a Can"

  1. not only is that the most revolting thing iv seen but isnt that like a health risk
    plus sweet sue must be a sour bitch to even think any one would want to purchase her slimy mutant birds in a can

  2. Is that really cooked?

  3. OMG! I work at a grocery store and my co-workers and I were wondering what this looked like inside yesterday! We contemplated stealing a can just to see but now I guess I will just pass!

  4. NSFW?! LOL

  5. We mock today, but six months into the Econo-pocalypse this is the kind of find we would trade a BJ for.

  6. I think I just lost my appetite. It’s photos like that which make me happy to be a vegetarian!


  8. Man, that looks good. I trust Sweet Sue makes she makes delicious canned canned chicken and dumplings.

  9. I just spewed in my mouth a little…

  10. LOL! That’s really great, yet kinda disgusting. It’s hard to believe that people actually pay money for that! Yuck!

  11. It would probably go great with Chicken in a Biskit crackers.
    scratch that…just eat the crackers and toss the can in the trash.

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