!! OMG, how unfortunate: Regretsy !!

OMG readers may or may not be familiar with Etsy, the internet craft site where purple-haired 20something librarians embroider Belle & Sebastian lyrics onto throw-pillows and create other precious little objects d’art for sale to the general internet. It’s charming! The only problem is that some internet crafters are complete lunatics and make scary things that will haunt your nightmares.
Happily, there’s now REGRETSY a website showcasing showcases the scariest, weirdest and most f*cked-up handmade goods for sale on Etsy. Above, you will see a charming taxidermied figure of a fish stuffed into the skin of a dead squirrel. More racy Regretsy items are after the jump.

These jeans make the perfect gift for your slutty grandma!
A fantastic way to make menstruation fun for your pubertal toddler!
I actually do think my friend Tallulah Sulis would like these lifelike cooch necklaces. (Link NSFW)
And this thing that looks like one squishy testicle is just a little something I bought to treat myself.

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