!! OMG, how unnatural: Sprinkler rainbows !!

Something sinister is happening in this sprinkler, and yours could be next! WHAT IS OOZING OUT OF OUR GROUND???

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8 Comments on "OMG, how unnatural: Sprinkler rainbows"

  1. Doesn’t that dumb bitch know that it’s merely an indication that a pot of gold is buried in her yard? Some people are so stupid.

  2. omg.. this lady is a dumbass..

  3. funny how i learned of this phenomenon when i was 3yrs old running butt naked through them in the summer. guess we all learn at our own pace.

  4. I was happy to see a rainbow over the Thames the other day, i don’t know what she’s blabbering on about.

  5. someone call the cia, the fbi, the local news team! omg! save the children!!! i think this lady has been listening to a little too much fred phelps…..

  6. Waitaminute waitaminute waitaminute!!!
    Are you telling me rainbows are an energy source?! And no one told me!!
    We have got to stop the government from keeping these kinds of secrets from us. It’s our civil right, our human right, to have rainbow power.

  7. i don’t get it.. rainbows happen where ever water mist and light meet…

  8. That was amusing.
    I think the question she should be asking is “What the hell is wrong with our education system?”
    I also enjoyed the part where she started tilting the camera. Yes it’s a rainbow, we don’t need to get a better look at it.
    “everywhere the visible spectrum is rainbows. This can not be natural” classic

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