!! OMG, how unnecessary: Comfort Wipe !!

Does this mean I don’t have to wash my hands anymore after I poo? Is that what they’re trying to tell me?

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6 Comments on "OMG, how unnecessary: Comfort Wipe"

  1. Being morbidly obese has its advantages? Do Tell!

  2. Ok, but shouldn’t the paper slip be attached to the other side of ending? Think about it. You have more or less L-shaped stick. Paper attaches to “outer” surface of end. When you grab it and move it to destination place you get either: a part with toilet paper far, far away from ass or a stick fited to shape of ass, but with piece of toilet paper downwards. Do you get me?
    And indeed, Dignity Woman is fabulous.:-)

  3. The “dignity” woman’s accent was fabulous. Teaneck NJ I think?

  4. Haha….”Courtesy than necessity”… Funny!!!
    I thought perhaps one could use it to get that “deep” clean feeling…. ~OP~

  5. i wasn’t aware that wiping was something one could be dignified in doing. what a “modern” solution!

  6. “It’s embarrassing to have Someone help me with my personal matters.” What the hell? I’ve never needed wiping help, well….almost never. Usually it’s more of a courtesy than a necessity.

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