!! OMG, how violent: Sculpture of Hirst !!

A sculpture by Eugenio Moreno depicting artist Damien Hirst shooting himself in the head is causing a stir in Madrid.

Merino’s work, displayed in the sort of glass case that Hirst likes to fill with formaldehyde and dead animals, has been on display at Madrid’s ARCO art fair.

“It is a joke but it is also paradoxical that if he did kill himself his work would be worth even more,” said Merino. “That is a metaphor for the current state of the art world.”

The sculpture, titled 4 the Love of Go(l)d, has apparently sold for $41 000.

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3 Comments on "OMG, how violent: Sculpture of Hirst"

  1. This hot mess thinks that Damien Hirst would appreciate this work. It is in a similar vain of his own work. I mean, he did make a gilded stature of Michael Jackson and Bubbles, his pet monkey.

  2. Damien Hirst is overrated artist.

  3. ROTFLMAO! If anyone deserves to be satirized this brutally, it’s this “arteest” Hirst. Hey, if he can’t take what he dishes, he better find some other line of bullshit to peddle as product to gullible fools.

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