!! OMG, how worldly: Jersey Gay in Europe !!

This is a Jersey accent, right? Or is it Insane?
Be sure to check out “A Shot At Love With Lilpito” after the jump!

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15 Comments on "OMG, how worldly: Jersey Gay in Europe"

  1. Beeing from NY myself I’ll tell you exactly where he’s from … He’s who we call a B & T (Bridge & Tunnel)gay trash boi. Manhattan is an Island and as such one has to take a bridge or a tunnel to get in. On fri and sat nite we r flooded by those wannabes with attitude from the suburbs who r too much even from their own damn selves ….
    BTW, any true manhatannites will qualify themselves as being from the CITY or will spell N.Y.C

  2. I agree with Beau Kner. He used the three most perfect words to describe it all.
    Then, we’re surprised when we have no rights.

  3. Ugh. NJ’ians NOR gays need this mess in our ranks. >:- Is it wrong that I want to beat him senseless? (Whatever its accent, it sounds forced anyway.)

  4. probably a long island accent.
    DEFINITELY not any kind of NJ accent.
    annoying as hell, where ever hes from.
    could you please change the title? weve already got enough shit (organ-selling rabbis, guidos, police corruption, etc), we dont need this guy.

  5. Didn’t anybody catch the fact that he said he was from Man-hat-tan which is not in New Jersey. Sorry to disappoint.

  6. Sean Moonsammy | August 6, 2009 at 9:46 pm | Reply

    OOOMGGG I WENT TO HIGH SCHOOL WITH HIM! come junior year and he went fro like thug to…this lmao. he’s really really talented btw, check out some of his other videos. He gave me a shout out, and i was in one of his videos…..but then they took it off youtube cause it was shot in school. he’s actually from NY….lol but yes he is puerto rican….micheal if you are reading this…its Sean!!!! love ya! you can imagine my shock, coming to my fav blog and seeing him hahaa

  7. Don’t be lame-like! I thought he was pretty funny. 😛 I died when he said “Man-hae’uh”. His British copycat-accent is brilliant as well.

  8. This is everything that is wrong with gay youths in America. How are we suppose to be taken seriously when he just makes a mockery of us.

  9. What an asshole…I think the accent is a puerto rican/ Jersey hybrid.

  10. one last thing, the title is IN LONDON BUYING MAKE-UP, but he was clearly only at Heathrow waiting for the connecting flight to Austria…Heathrow is a healthy drive outside of London, if you checked a map once in your retarded life you’d see this and title your stupid ass video “WE WAS AT THE AIROPORT BUYING MUSTACHE CONCEALAH!!”..when his friends ask him how he liked London he can say “Girl, first off they got lots of them ticket counter things all over the city, and like an airport motif, but I liked the London, they had good make-up”. WANKER!

  11. what a tragic, low-class, uneducated and annoying piece of trash. They ask for your plane ticket because you are shopping duty-free, Bobby Brown make-up has been on the freaking market since the 90’s, ANY self-respecting boy who wears make-up would know this…god that sounds wrong on so many levels, WHY are you wearing make-up!?
    HOW does an ignorant boorish person like that get to travel? Was there a shortage of bottoms in Austria?

  12. Uhm… Like… Ewww…

  13. Total embarrassment for gays and Americans. That accent is so trashy.

  14. What did he say? I did not understand one god damn word. He is just embarrassing.

  15. stupid, sad and embarassing

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