!! OMG, “I also look really fierce in a dress”: Casey Legler; [fe]male model !!

Like Andrej Pejić, but the other way around; New York-based, French-born swimmer and “art-maker” Casey Legler is the first female signed to Ford Models’ male division. She spoke to Time last year about her relationship to gender-types. She spoke not of gender definition, but instead of her experience and wishes of gender freedom:

“We have very specific ways in which we define ourselves as men or women and I think sometimes they can be a bit limiting…What I wish is that we all get to be exactly who we are…With [such] fluidity…[there is] this notion of freedom…that is saying ‘look, there is this other way'”

[via wonderland]

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  1. I love her look and am 100% on board with everything she’s doing in the modeling industry, but she’s taking herself too seriously and sounds pretentious. “Art-maker”?!

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