!! OMG, I can’t wait: Tina Turner !!

I’m seeing Tina Turner in concert on December 12, and this is what I am looking forward to most. Holy Shit. (via papelpop)
Check out the close-up after the jump.


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12 Comments on "OMG, I can’t wait: Tina Turner"

  1. Tina looks great for her age.
    She’s, what, almost 70 now?
    Amazing woman.

  2. And it is totally worth it…saw her on October 8th, front row! It was devine! and that tall drink of water, WOW!

  3. It will be AWESOME!!!

  4. That really qualifies for OMG… which is exactly what I said when I saw the close up….
    Why do they never learn to give it up gracefully?

  5. As much as I love Tina (what gay man doesn’t?), I was hoping the close-up would be of the guy in the background. He is fucking HOT! I would love to bury my white face in between those huge black thighs!

  6. Ok… I’m sorry. But it seems like a couple of the “girls” in showbiz needs a reality check. I am a huge fan of both Tina and Madonna, but OMFG… It’s getting to where it’s painful to watch.

  7. She isnt horrible, you realize her age, and the fact that she was 40 when she started her biggest phase of her career, IN THE 80s!

  8. It will be the greatest concert experience of your (or anyone’s) life. Please report back!

  9. Wait that’s not a drag queen? I’ don’t believe you.

  10. That’s really awful! How can she accept to look so grotesque in front of all those people?! The wig is a cheap imitation of the one she wore in Mad Max.

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