!! OMG, I secretly can’t wait: SHERRI !!

She’s crazier than Joy Behar and a lot more fun than Elizabeth Hasselback, and she also thinks that the world is probably flat. And now her own sitcom? Well I never really thought about it! Then the posters started appearing in every f*cking subway and I decided that I will watch all four episodes of Sherri Shepherd’s sitcom before it’s cancelled. Why? I DON’T REALLY KNOW.
Of course the show looks completely terrible— and I realize that probably just about no one out thereshares my Shepherd-obsession (register yr komplaints in the komments!)– but I really think “VODKA AND FUDGE” just might give “My favorite color is fluorescent beige” a run for catchphrase of the year.

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  1. though she has aborted babie(s), though she is divorced, though her husband apparently banged every pussy in LA, though her child calls her gay friends, uncle so & so, she still has the unmitigated gall to say that Gays should not marry. For that, she will always be a hypocritical whore who should be ashamed of herself & should always have her drag-queen wigs & make-up applied sideways by her possibly gay hairdressers & make-up artists in retribution. I FEEL BETTER.

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