!! OMG, I was praying on it: Hands on a Hardbody to Become Musical !!

Praise the lord! I was praying they would make Hands on a Hardbody– one of my favorite documentaries ever– into a musical, and now they are! I know, I know– I’m sure a lot of other people deserve credit as well, but let’s not discount the power of prayer here. The lord cares most about my capricious whims!
Hands on a Hardbody is a movie about a bunch of crazy people who participate in one of those contest in which you win a truck by touching it the longest, and it is straight-up nuts and I can’t wait for the musical. The next thing I’ll be praying on is that it turns out better than Citizen Ruth the Musical, which frankly looks super-shitty and doesn’t even appear to have a song called “I Ain’t No F*cking Telegram, Bitch.”
(via Videoum)

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