!! OMG, Cuchi Cuchi Cuchi! Charo Covers Don’t Stop the Music !!

Charo covering Don’t Stop the Music on yesterday’s Muscular Dystrophy Telethon. I don’t really know what to say about this so I won’t say anything. But I think it’s pretty important that you watch it.
(Via Julie Klausner)

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13 Comments on "OMG, Cuchi Cuchi Cuchi! Charo Covers Don’t Stop the Music"

  1. that’s what i call entertainment!! the britney’s and madonna’s of this world can take some lessons about losin up with charo… she’s freakin’ amazing :))… talking bout gooooood vibes… i’ve fallen in love…

  2. Wow, that was quite impressive. Fuck, I’m so jealous I can’t work it like she can!

  3. I can’t stand how much I love her. She has been around forever, looks great and seems really sweet. I also like the fact that she grinded (ground?) her hips into the woman who wouldn’t get up and dance.

  4. On Wikipedia, it indicates she is indeed born in 1951 – She agrees and it has court supported documents. But, whatever – She still looks really great!! Lovely personality, great skin and that energy – I agree with Michael about having her energy. I remember first seeing her on the Carol Burnett Show – She did a really hilarious skit with Carol (available on YouTube). She’s wonderful!!!

  5. I actually got to see her do this live in Las Vegas about 2 weeks ago, and the guys that run this telethon were in the audience that night! She grabbed my BF’s head and shook her boobs in his face (harder and closer than she did to Jerry in this video), and then she got up on my chair and thrust her “cuchi cuchi” in my face at eye level! It was a fab show, though… she plays classical guitar as well, and is actually amazing good at it! She’s now at the Rivera hotel… GO GO GO!

  6. OMG, I think I just died and went to tacky gay heaven.

  7. DAMN! She’s still got it. Go Charro Girl!

  8. Charo has been around as long as I can remember… shaking her cuchi cuchi. I went to Dead or Alive and checked to find that she is 67. I wish I had half her energy at 11 years her junior. Bravo Charo!

  9. Crayola Crayon | September 8, 2009 at 5:31 pm | Reply

    She rules! Now bring on the DANCING KITTIES!

  10. there actually seems to be some controversy as to whether Charo was born in 1951, which would make her 58, or in 1941, which would make her 68.

  11. Omfg she’s 60? What amazing presence and energy. I wish I will be that good at 60. GO GO Charo.

  12. WHY oh WHY isn’t this woman my mom? She is like 60 something right? and she’s got this much life in her? She’s amazing and I bet she has some crazy stories about her life to tell.

  13. Say what you will, but you have to admire her energy and spirit. She’s great!

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