!! OMG, if I MUST: Straight male German celebrities makeout with each other to combat homophobia for GQ Germany !!

This concept should be adapted to GQ in the states! A bunch of straight German male celebrities got together to stick their tongues down eachothers’ throats to combat homophobia for GQ Germany.
I think it’s working… It’s combatting homophobia real good for us! Check out the video above!

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3 Comments on "OMG, if I MUST: Straight male German celebrities makeout with each other to combat homophobia for GQ Germany"

  1. a german boycott of the olympics will achieve nothing. it will simply punish the athletes that have trained years and years for this moment. none of these athletes are being FORCED to participate in the olympics. if they do not want to go, they don’t have to. then again, they should not be FORCED to NOT participate. i suspect that ms merkel knows what she is doing.
    and as far as india is concerned, the FIRST people to feel the effects of a global ban on india, indian products, anything and all that is indian? that would be the poorest people in that country; the uneducated father and mother working in an embroidery factory making money to feed their children. by the time the wealthy feel the pain of such sanctions, by the time the outraged western consumer finds out that their embellished gap tee-shirt (that cost $3 to manufacture and sells for $99) is no longer available, these families will and suffered beyond imagination.

  2. I don’t see how groundbreaking this is. Most of the kissing was light closed-mouth kissing. Is that new for Europeans? Half the couples giggled and squirmed like teenage boys. Only one couple got into it and there was hardly anyone’s tongue down anyone else’s throat.
    And to Cary, I was ready to boycot India after their lackluster handling of rapes. Let’s add Jamaica to the boycott.

  3. And now ALL of Germany needs to unite and boycott the Russian Sochi Olympics and the upcoming World Games. Germany should send no athletes to Russia and should provide no funding to Russia whatsoever until Russia dismisses their own gay homophobia laws. Same goes for India. We ALL should boycott India with a passion. Buy nothing from India. Refuse to deal with any company that hires Indian citizens to handle their IT and other computer related calls. If these countries want to discriminate then they can do so in the gutter.

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