!! OMG, I’m on TV with Dolly Parton! !!

Yesterday morning I was closer to Dolly Parton than most ever will be, and let me tell you unequivocally she looked as flawless as she does from a distance.
I sat in the studio audience at a taping of Cityline, which is sort of like Good Morning America for Toronto, and Dolly dropped in to announce the Canadian launch of her Imagination Library program, which gives kids a free book every month until they are five. She was wearing a very Christmasy red outfit with lots of tassles and told some funny stories before hurrying out after forty minutes, probably to prepare for her concert last night at Casinorama.
I was a little bummed that I didn’t get to have my photo taken with Dolly or get her to sign my Just Because I’m a Woman CD, but the next best thing was to get a picture with sassy Cityline host Marilyn Denis, who looks just as flawless as Dolly herself, and who also complimented my Sweater of Many Colors that I wore special for the occasion:

For any Canadians desperate to see the segment, it will re-air on Christmas Day on CityTV.

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13 Comments on "OMG, I’m on TV with Dolly Parton!"

  1. Ive been coming to this site a while. I love it!
    And who knew that you are DAMN HOT!

  2. OMG! That sweater just screams “TJ MAXX!!!!”
    Just kidding.

  3. Yer so cute eh! 🙂

  4. sure sure, you’re hot but not as hot as that cardigan! where’d you get it?!

  5. I hate to be redundant, and repeat what everyone else is saying but:
    …and by hot I mean:
    ps: I love the whole outfit

  6. HA! That cardigan is scary. But not as scary as the TV Host.

  7. Holy crap!…you’re dreamy! And vintage or not, that sweater doesn’t do you justice. chuck it. 😀

  8. Thanks for the compliments, everybody. And to the guy who said I should burn my sweater: you obviously don’t realize that it is an antique (from 1950)!

  9. damn your a cutie

  10. That is the most hideous cardigan I have ever seen. Do yourself a favor and burn it.

  11. You’re gorgeous, dude! 🙂

  12. wow…you look nothing like i had imagined. i think i assume that everyone is as old as i am.
    you look like that guy that dances on the computer commercial, only he has green hair.
    love the sweater.
    jack jett

  13. OMG, you’re hot…

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