!! OMG, I’m so excited: The return of Jessie Spano and “I’m So Excited” On DWTS !!

Nomi Malone aka Elizabeth Berkley aka Jessie Spano took center stage last night on DWTS to add another iconic performance to the internet database. Elizabeth fully turned it out to The Pointer Sisters“I’m So Excited” — after reenacting the moment that set forth a thousand LOLz when her character Jessie Spano took some caffeine pills and broke into song during a breakdown back in her Saved By The Bell days.
That hater Carrie Ann Inaba (who’s gonna get the “stairs push” later from “Nomi”) thought that some of Liz’s kicks were soft, but Bruno Tonioli was buying what she was selling, and even went as far as to proclaim “No pills darling, you don’t need any pills, you just need to dance!” Amen. Check out Liz’s performance above! And why not check out the original caffeine pill junkie Jessie having a moment in the clip after the jump!

[thanks kev!]

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