!! OMG, I’m Thankful For: Fan-Made Slash Videos !!

If the pilgrims had never taken that fateful voyage on the Mayflower, we would not have crazy people to make insane videos about Kirk and Spock being gay together or whatnot! God bless America!

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1 Comment on "OMG, I’m Thankful For: Fan-Made Slash Videos"

  1. eternalcanadian | November 26, 2009 at 9:16 pm | Reply

    darn that pon farr spock goes through. i remember reading this story where spock accidentally had pon farr happen. can’t remember if it was something spilled on him or what. anyway, only kirk was with him and in order to save spock’s life they had sex. i remember that spock had a huge green penis. lols.
    but yeah, i always thought something was going on between them. too many of those long stares going on.

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