!! OMG, indie music stars align for hardcore gay adult film !!

Music news site Pitchfork turned over a gay leaf yesterday with a news item about I Want Your Love, an erotic short film from director Travis Matthews that features a heavy helping of hardcore gay sex. The reason? The soundtrack includes music by San Francisco indie rockers Girls, Portland disco duo Glass Candy and The Chromatics, whose song also inspired the film’s title.

I Want Your Love is about two horny best friends who get it on for the first time, a scenario the filmmaker believes his target audience will most definitely relate to. Video site Naked Sword, which also executive produced the film, is hosting a 14-minute preview that features all sorts “documentary-style sex in the service of a larger cinematic vision.” (Read: it’s NSFW). Check it out here.

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9 Comments on "OMG, indie music stars align for hardcore gay adult film"

  1. Very hot. It’s what sex actually looks like.
    But the film needs sound editing. I think they used standard room microphones, instead of more sophisticated mics. The bottom’s voice was naturally louder, so it triggered a higher response. Needs compression. I had one hand on the volume knob the whole time.

  2. pretty hot,
    but unfortunately, if you watch the behind-the-scenes with the director, it turns out that these guys aren’t really ‘best friends’ and they’re actually just actors picked from people who tried out.
    which sucks i guess, because it kind of ruins the premise of the movie.
    (and i guess the fantasy as well)
    let me know what you guys think

  3. *watching the preview on Naked Sword.*
    OMFG, this is so hot I can’t stand it.
    I will buy this video.
    And I don’t even buy porn.

    In IWYL, two best friends playfully negotiate their way toward having sex together for the first time. It’s a familiar scenario that most gay men can relate to, and one not as uncomplicated as these two friends would prefer. The ramifications of their newly defined friendship will be explored more directly in the feature length which NakedSword will also executive produce.

    So, yes, it’s about the morning after, mostly.
    Most of us have been there, too.
    Has anyone seen this “In Their Room” by the same director, Travis Mathews? It sounds hot, too.

  4. *eyeroll* @ Nick. IDK why people always assume anyone with a little body hair has to stink.
    Lack of manscaping != lack of hygiene. It’s a personal choice.
    Also, to each his own. For me, I don’t really care about fantasies in porn. I don’t really have any strong kinks or fetishes; vanilla sex is enough, and I’d like to see guys I would like to get with IRL. Guys maybe a cut above what I see every day, but not entirely unattainable.
    Unrealistic plots or ridiculously hot guys just piss me off. I’d rather watch real men on XTube.
    And I know enough decently hung men in real life, so it’s not like I need porn for that.
    *places two pennies on the table*

  5. NoSleep4Sam | May 11, 2010 at 9:49 pm | Reply

    Not to sound like a font nerd, but did anyone else notice they used Helvetica for collateral material but Arial in the actual film titles?

  6. NoSleep4Sam | May 11, 2010 at 9:48 pm | Reply

    Not to sound like a font nerd, but did anyone else notice they used Helvetica for collateral material but Arial in the actual film titles?

  7. Porn is supposed to be about fantasy. Jeesh guys…not everything has to be literal.
    This was a good video, but I’m not sure what else there is to the movie. It seems like you get to see the entire story, at least how the synopsis in the article describes it. Unless we get sucked into a whole drama filled aftermath of it all.
    My only thing is they need to manscape… They look like they might smell lol

  8. What? Cute guys with decent bodies and regular-sized dicks? Hot. If only more porn could be like this. I’m not about the hairy guys usually but factors contributing to its hotness:
    1) Realism.
    2) There seem to be actual feelings there, not just senseless, no-strings-attached screwing.
    3) No one’s getting pounded with a baseball bat-sized schlong.
    Awaiting the “wtf–small!!!” and “tiny dick” comments eagerly.

  9. That was really hot, actually…and those guys are way cuter than most porn actors…I like it.

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