!! OMG, is he naked?: WWE’s Matt Striker !!

The lady said we had to take these down – but try TABLOID PRODIGY – they might still be there.

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30 Comments on "OMG, is he naked?: WWE’s Matt Striker"

  1. as 4 matt striker and his friend who cares, matt is matt and a very smart man he should be known for his intelligents not whats down there.

  2. Matt is going to join Vincent’s new club and fuck up the ASS!

  3. What a fucking mess of a house. Sorry honey, we ain’t doing shit until you clean up this pigsty.

  4. We heard Matt Striker is going to be payed by the inch. We wonder when he was a teacher how many students got to see his little slung. His new name is going to be the SlungMaster.

  5. Lol, my ring finger is smaller than my middle finger and I’m gay.

  6. WTF dang that is not kool. I guess he did that on a bet. Dang I might would run from that. I thought some wrestler had small dicks.

  7. all i know is that the guy in the picture is gay because his ring finger is longer than his middle finger. scientifically proven. are striker’s fingers the same?

  8. Mister Styrker……YOU’RE FIRED
    TNA is looking for perverts like you. That is unless you dont mind posing in Playboy.

  9. different person for sure as they arent the same person in the 3 bottom 3 pics look at the pubic hair on one you see it there but on the others not there so mythbusters decide as busted!!!

  10. It would explain why he can’t keep females if that were him. But I’m sorry to say this but that isn’t Matt Striker because he isn’t that built in the upper area.

  11. It would explain why he can’t keep females if that were him. But I’m sorry to say this but that isn’t Matt Striker because he isn’t that built in the upper area.

  12. I think it is him. I have already heard rumors that he is pretty big…

  13. Peter Pan (THAT'S NOT MATT STRIKER) | May 28, 2009 at 12:04 pm | Reply

    That’s NOT MATT STRIKER… Look at Matt Striker in the top picture where is wearing a suit. And then look at the face picture of the guy who is suppose to be Matt Striker. The guy who is suppose to be Matt Striker has a light freckle on his left cheek (the right side looking at the picture). The freckle is dead center between his lips and eyes. You can look at a billion pictures of Matt Striker and that freckle doesn’t appear in any of them. SO THAT IS NOT MATT STRIKER and I can’t wait until Matt Striker and the WWE takes care of this bullshit. Also, Striker’s eyebrows come out further and the nose does not match.


  15. Look at the tent that he has in the 2nd pic. Looks pretty big. Ears are like fingerprints. Even identical twins WILL have different ears. That being said, you really can’t tell if that is him in any of the naked pics that way since he isn’t showing his face. He IS, however, showing his FINGERS! Compare his fingers in the 2nd and 3rd shots where you can see his his face. Now compare them to the fingers in the 4th, 5th, and 6th pictures. They look identical to me, even his large toenail looks very similar to his stubby sausage fingers.

  16. To rob:
    Ears??? WTF does that have to do with headless dick shots?

  17. Teacher, teacher…teach me well.
    I’m on my knees!!
    Fill me up with that!!!

  18. What a gorgeous boy!!!! I just saved these fotos and will now mak e a collage to hang up in my room…Hot HOTTTT! I hope a video is coming out!!!

  19. put michael fitt on this page the guy is hot and look at his website hot hot hot!!!!!

  20. I’m usually on the other side of the size comments, surprised at what some people call small. This time though… that’s not even close to beer can. Look at his hands, those far away feet. It’s respectable, but agree with others its largely a trick of perspective.
    Beyond that, since there’s no face and dick in the same pic and not enough commonality between the face and other photos, who knows if its him. I wouldn’t kick the dude pictured outa bed, but the heavily shaved package and the messy house kinda ruin any fantasy to him.

  21. Mary McMittles | May 26, 2009 at 9:41 pm | Reply

    I personally know some one who would absolutely know for sure if this was him – and this person has confirmed for me with 100% certainty that this is Matt Striker! Enjoy!

  22. the wonders of a good camera (and angle) – nothing wrong with the size but I’m pretty certain it’s closer to the size of an energy drink can rather than a beer can …

  23. everything about him is E P I C

  24. A friend of mine has said the best way to tell if a picture is real or not is to look at the ears. Faces may look similar but ears are very varied. That is most definitely him.
    OM NOM!

  25. Steroids shrink your balls, not your penis.

  26. ok THATS huge!

  27. While I do think it belongs to him… I’d suck it even if it didn’t! He’s hot… but the dick is hotter!

  28. What a monster.

  29. That is one hot topcock!! ^^ Wouldn’t mind barely squeezing that in 😛

  30. Everything looks bigger when you shave it and take a close-up picture. 3rd picture down looks like steroids have taken an effect, and the last picture looks like a different dick altogether, unless he shaved in between frames. The’re nice and all, but certainly not beer can.

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