!! OMG, is it performance art? K-Pop !!

Korean girl group 2NE1 (“21st Century New Evolution”) has made a super-trannie video for their new single “Can’t Nobody.” Count the drag queen cliches! (Thanks Jaime!)

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5 Comments on "OMG, is it performance art? K-Pop"

  1. FUCK YOUuUuUuUuU!!!!!! 2NE1 FTW! theyre coming to america and its gonna be great, something THEY can pull off, not like snsd.

  2. I have actually loved these girls for a while(this video is pretty old now) but now they are gunna get famous because will.I.am signed them. Same as Jeffree Star and Akon signing him.

  3. Haha this is OLD NEWS. Check out “Hoot” by Girl’s Generation. Much better.

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