!! OMG, is she for real?: Santa Cruz Smartie !!

For a second I thought this was MISS SOUTH CAROLINA in a wig. Which slaves are she talking about, I wonder?

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4 Comments on "OMG, is she for real?: Santa Cruz Smartie"

  1. Yeah, so like, when we grow food and stuff it’s good and when valley girls eat too much ecstacy it’s like really, really, really bad.

  2. On behalf of the girl…she really thinks she’s got good ideas which are beneficial…but as we can see arent. At least she tried.
    This is either the victim of a lobotomy, or seriously needs one.

  3. Yea….Like WTF, when was this made like 200 years ago, cause i kinda live in the south and ummm like we don’t have slaves anymore like ummm yea Bitch needa Learn or someone needa kick her organic ass

  4. God, that is “rilly rilly” embarrassing to watch!

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