!! OMG, it glows: Wallpaper !!

Designer CAMILLA DIEDRICH has come up with a fiber optic wallpaper that gently glows in the dark. It’s called Nature Ray Charles Wallpaper, although I’m not sure Ray himself would have been able to fully appreciate it…
Thanks to JD for the tip.

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2 Comments on "OMG, it glows: Wallpaper"

  1. OMG!! ME!!! I would cover my walls with it.
    I would like a room that has no bulb in the dead center of the ceiling. I like the clean look of it, and the soft glow that it appears to emit. that would be nice in a bedroom.

  2. When people worry incessantly about fiber optic Christmas trees bursting into flame and destroying their home, who would cover their walls with that stuff?

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