!! OMG, it premiered: The Hills Season 4 !!

I haven’t followed The Hills from the beginning, but I watched the premiere last night. It’s so entertaining because I hate them so much. I hate them more than I hate the characters on Sex and the City.
Here’s my question – and I know it’s all scripted reality or whatever, but how the hell can Lauren and Whitney work (or shop or whatever they were doing) at a regular retail store or walk down the street and be filmed for the show without paparazzi being around? And why are Spencer’s lips so pink?
Okay that was two questions.
Watch the premiere HERE if you haven’t seen it. Or, watch an episode of “Over The Hills” above, where senior citizens re-enact scenes from The Hills so we can all see how ridiculous it is. SEX TAPES! SEX TAPES!

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  1. OMG WTF is this? Seems like there is work for every actor these days, no mather how bad you may be?! rofl

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