!! OMG, tight trousers: Cyclists !!

Apparently cyclists have trouble finding pants to fit them cause of their big….THIGHS! What were you guys thinking I was gonna say, huh? Dirty bitches.
Above is British cyclist Chris Hoy bulging around in his cycling gear. Speaking of bulging, have you all seen the new “God of Everything” Michael Phelps’ outline? Oh you haven’t? You just might be able to after the jump…


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9 Comments on "OMG, tight trousers: Cyclists"

  1. drop of a speedo?? i don’t know about you but i think those things are a bitch to put on/take off!

  2. It IS pointed down, TheVinylVillager. Your sense of scale is skewed.

  3. Please! anyone of you bitches would be crawling all over him at the drop of a Speedo. (myself included)

  4. What’s the big deal? (pun intended)

  5. he’s fucking amazing.

  6. I’d have thought his “fin” would have been bigger. He wears a size 14 shoe for crying out loud! I guess there must be shrinkage from being in the water so much!
    He’s not “fugly” though.

  7. what elfish ears on phelps

  8. Phelps is so FUGLY! Yes, he has a super hot bod, but what attracts me to a guy is his face, so unless I could put a bag over his face, forget it. ISH!

  9. omg you would think he would have at least pointed his flippy down for such a shot…

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