!! OMG, it’s a Gay-Free Zone: The Super Bowl !!

So have you heard of a gay dating site called ManCrunch? Me neither, but it turns out they’re trying to buy an ad during the Super Bowl. Of course this is just plain crazy talk cause, duh, it’s the Super Bowl, which of course means automatic no homo! Just imagine what would happen if a gay ad ran during the “big game.” Would heretofore gay-hating bros across America suddenly quit the Promise Keepers and start sniffing each other’s butts? Would there be a rift in the space-time continuum? Would everything just go on like it was no big f*cking deal? Ahhhh! THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS SO WHO KNOWS?!

Well, listen, we’re not going to find out any time soon cause CBS has rejected the ad. If the network’s track record is any indication, the next thing we’ll probably hear is that they’ve accepted an ad taken from the Family Research Council instead.
Okay, so the first order of business is f*ck CBS and f*ck the Super Bowl. But that sort of goes without saying.

Now that that’s out of the way, the second and way more important order of business is what the hell is this ManCrunch and how could an unknown gay dating site (unranked by Alexa) afford an ad during the Super Bowl?

The answer– I guess?– is that this is all a big publicity stunt and they have no intention of buying an ad even if it’s accepted. I guess the stunt’s working cause we’re talking about it, right?

Unfortunately all the publicity in the world will only take you so far: I signed up for the site just to check it out and it seems to be komplete krap. It’s basically like a more busted Manhunt but with no D pictures and with the gimmick that everyone’s supposedly “in the closet” (which as we obvs know from craigslist means total flamer).

What is the point of this? No, really, the whole site is a big mystery to me so if you have any clues for me, send me an email…

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5 Comments on "OMG, it’s a Gay-Free Zone: The Super Bowl"

  1. Victor, you’re a complete, closet-case idiot

  2. That sucks! I personally am a big fan of football (AZ Cardinals!) I will be watching the Superbowl, would be nice to see a gay ad though. 😉 peace

  3. Good fortune telling, Bmad!
    The NFL has officially accepted a Super Bowl ad from Focus on the Family (which spawned the Family Research Council). And I, for one, am certain that it will stop me from getting that abortion I scheduled in during half-time. $4 million well spent.

  4. There’s really no need for this. The ad isn’t going to gain anything but backlash and more “Why homos? Why?”
    We don’t need to stick the gay thing in everyone’s face.. Especially when it comes to the Superbowl.

  5. This is the type of thing that is polarizing society towards being more homophobic. Trying to impose queer things in events historically glorified as manly just makes things more difficult for everyone.
    Frankly, some of us like to have events that are not queer. The super bowl for one. The more queers try to impose their queerness the more rejection and the more apprehension against themselves they cause. All for what? So that they can whine out loud how much society doesn’t accept them?
    I long for the good old days, when me and my friends (straight and whatnot) could simply relax and bond together, even go skinny dipping together, without the sexual tension that today’s extremely upfront and sometimes aggressive gay men create.
    Some of us like some things to be manly. So please, no queer ads during the super bowl!

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