!! OMG, it’s art: Pantone !!

British artist, TIM FRASER BROWN, has re-interpreted some classic paintings using Pantone paint chips. It looks like the real deal from a distance, but when you get close up it’s just a mess. Kind of like Isis from ANTM! Okay that was rude. I love Isis. I can’t believe she was in the bottom two. Lights! Camera! Racism!

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3 Comments on "OMG, it’s art: Pantone"

  1. ACTUALLY, these can be called swatches, tiles or chips. In fact, you can order “Chips” directly from Pantone. And since pantone does make paint, they could very well be paint chips. Pantone have a WIDE range of products… they’re not just for printing anymore! [In his very best info-mercial voice]. I am also a graphic designer, and I guess I care…

  2. why, why does pantone control all the colour!! WHY?????!!!???

  3. Actually, they’re Pantone “swatches” and they’re for ink (for printing on a press), not paint…
    Sorry, but I’m a graphic designer so I just HAD to point that out…
    Fortunately nobody will care.

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