!! OMG, it’s back: Paradise Hotel !!

My favorite reality show of all time has returned for a second season after five long years!!
Paradise Hotel 2 follows the same premise as the first season, which involves putting a bunch of assholes together in a fancy hotel, feeding them alcohol all day long and giving them nothing to do except the odd challenge that requires them to take off their clothes or write nasty things about each other on pieces of paper.
My favorite contestant after watching the first two episodes is definitely Krista, “The Virgin,” because I can’t tell if she went on the show to lose her virginity or just flaunt it in front of America.
I also like Nathan because he seems obviously gay, but there is no way to know for sure because he killed himself shortly after the show finished shooting by jumping off a cell phone tower. It’s hard to say if the show had anything to do with his decision, but it’s very sad news.
The beautiful-if-slightly-wooden Amanda Byram is back again to host, which is good news for her career because I haven’t even seen her since the second season of The Swan (yeah, remember that?).
I’m not sure if anything could ever live up to the drama of Amy and Zack in Season 1, but I think this new crop of overtanned sociopaths is on the right track. Let’s watch together and see.

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5 Comments on "OMG, it’s back: Paradise Hotel"

  1. YAHTZEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I miss the fill-in guy. He posted almost every single day…it was really nice. :o(

  3. Looking forward to it…

  4. Oh my….just with hearing about these two, it looks as though this show is full of drama.

  5. That’s just sad, plus the dog had to watch.

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