!! OMG, it’s been YouTubed: ‘Nowhere’ !!

Some generous soul has taken the time to put Gregg Araki‘s 1997 classic Nowhere on YouTube. You remember, it’s the one that stars James Duval and is charged with homoeroticism! Oh wait,that is all of his movies.

Ok, I’ll try again. It’s the one where an alien jumps out of Ryan Phillippe just before he engages in gay sex, which in my opinion was one of the more tragic scenes in modern American cinema.

Get a taste above and then watch the rest of the movie over at Patent Leather Daddy.

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6 Comments on "OMG, it’s been YouTubed: ‘Nowhere’"

  1. Frank, don’t even try to tell me that you posted this for any other reason than because there’s a Stacy Q song on the soundtrack! I’m onto you…
    Gail xox

  2. I love Nathan Bexton. If you haven’t seen the movie Psycho Beach Party you are missing out. Get it now.

  3. Thanks for the post mikesieben.
    I was just about to point out the same thing, but I couldn’t think of the other actor’s name.

  4. totally not Ryan Phillippe. The other guy was way hotter! This movie is so funny, and filled with major cuties, especially Guillermo Diaz! I met him at a bar one time and I was in heaven. Alright I’ll shut up now.

  5. The original post was by Paul on http://www.thenewpaul.com
    Oh, Montgomery

  6. Ryan Phillippe’s character isnt the gay sex one. That was Nathan Bexton.
    Carry on

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