!! OMG, it’s contageous: Biblevision !!

These kids have come down with a bad case of “Biblevision”. It looks like it causes inclusiveness of over-zealous borderline special-ed fat child-actor wannabes. But what is Biblevision exactly? Is it like tunnel-vision? Pretty much! But only the breath-y green gooblin can tell you for sure!

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12 Comments on "OMG, it’s contageous: Biblevision"

  1. why is the black kid late?

  2. so why did the black girl have to be late.. racist christians.

  3. That kid in the yellow…isn’t that Ted Haggard’s new boyfriend?

  4. fuckin’ awful

  5. That guy by the tree looks like David Lockery from Pink Flamigos.

  6. Jesus lord..what in gay hell are they doing (LOL)

  7. I though it was going to be normal christians people lame but then it got really scary at the end with the pedophile clown.

  8. *grimaces* This is some pretty effed up stuff! I’m not really understanding the inclusion of a green-haired goblin.
    Also, why were those kids so hard-pressed for time anyways? Train to catch? Afternoon bible-study session to go to? Seriously…they didn’t have to be all mean to late-girl. Betches!

  9. These are all child stars, you guys:
    Johan Paulik
    Larry Craig
    (And that other actress who sorta looks like Minnie Driver with curly hair, can’t think of her name)
    The girl on the bike, who did not get Biblevision: Whitney Houston.
    Then there’s one of those pesky New York Club Kids from the early 90s.

  10. It was the devil’s fault I lied. Don’t blame me! Love how Christian’s take responsibility for their actions.

  11. I wonder how many of them ended up in porn. especially yellow shirt kid. I bet he ended up doing gay porn.
    And in true “christian” behaviour, they were condescending.
    Is the Fibbler the Joker’s Jewish cousin?

  12. and then lil kim’s career began…

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