!! OMG, it’s fashion porn: Mugler Men’s Spring/Summer 2012 campaign !!

Mugler Brothers of Arcadia Uncensored
You know that Mugler smutty men’s campaign everyone’s been talking about? Yeah, it’s after the jump. And it’s sooooo NSFW. The video erupted from the brains of Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti and director Branislav Jankic (try saying that five times fast) and features a bunch of models frolicking on a beach, covering themselves in paint, and writhing in a sex club. I mean, there are worse things.

Watch the full uncensored and NSFW video after the jump. (via Joe.My.God.)

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11 Comments on "OMG, it’s fashion porn: Mugler Men’s Spring/Summer 2012 campaign"

  1. GAY…just plain, GAY!!

  2. I love how it’s “fashion” even though the short film has nothing about fashion or the brand in it, unless you count those speedos!
    In any case you nailed it, “fashion” porn (with a chuckle). If I ever become a “creative director” I’m thinking about letting my libido run loose and filming all sorts of sex, then calling it “art.” You know, cause it’s so creative.

  3. Government-Owned Alien-Territory in space (G.O.A.T) | June 25, 2011 at 9:47 pm | Reply

    in the part of the video…about after the “milking” scene, there was this dude jerking of his cock, but all I can see were his low-hangers and the tip of the head…I thought after that their would be more cocks, too bad this models weren’t as brave enough to show them.

  4. How the hell is this on YouTube??

  5. 4:00. That’s all I’m saying….

  6. I love that the last 20% of the video is *credits* – typical.

  7. Ugh. Pretentious and boring.

  8. Geldon Lewis | June 24, 2011 at 8:37 pm | Reply

    I thought that was kind of disappointing. I did not think it was that well filmed and seems to be a bit of an ego trip? Failed for me on many points. Formichetti’s muse -Rick Genest, was always going to be a hard act to follow – and this ‘arty’ attempt at promotion, has not cracked it. Buff men pulling on their todgers is not shocking or new – and sure as hell aint x-tube worthy. The paint scenes in colour with some hi-nrg shit thrown in with a bit more Mugler drag on view – would have been more fun.

  9. Old, tired, stolen, crap.

  10. Ok, what were they selling? I am so disappointed though. Early on, there was a close up of a man’s nipple. A drop of water was making a beeline for it. Just before the drop of water could splash itself against the nipple, the camera cut away. Now I’ll never know if it made it!

  11. my name is Jason and i approve of this message lol. but seriously sex sells and if this doesn’t get the gay male vote nothing will.

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