!! OMG, it’s happening: The Chris Crocker adult video !!

One can hardly trust his own eyes anymore. Believe it or not, this is Chris Crocker, the internet sensation known for his under-the-sheet support of Britney Spears. Chris splashed back into the news recently when nudy photos of him surface alongside reports he was looking to get into porn. Well, now it’s officially happening and we know a little more about what to expect: Chris will star in the Chi Chi LaRue production of Cockstar with Brent Everett. The “film” will explore themes of Internet stardom, video diaries, and, errr, sex. “Having sex on camera with a stranger is actually a lot less revealing than many of the things I’ve posted on YouTube,” Chris said.
(via Queerty)

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4 Comments on "OMG, it’s happening: The Chris Crocker adult video"

  1. Ugh why is when a gay guy can’t find anything else to do in his life he automatically gets into porn,I’m not a prude, and I enjoy gay porn every now and then , but this is not really setting a good example within the gay community, I mean no wonder why so many people are so against gays, if we want to be treated as equals then we need to get are act together and prove that we actually are humans and we deserve it, and not just a bunch of oversexed animals, and I find it kind of funny that he was so quick to defend Britney by not calling her a slut , (which I don’t think she is) but yet he is doing gay porn.

  2. He is really not attractive at all!

  3. Fredrich James | August 16, 2011 at 7:54 pm | Reply

    oh PLEEEEEZE! The fact that she is doing a porn with that idiot is beyond me. Get him off the stage please. As I have said before else were; NOBODY gets to do a porn with my fairy porn mother before I do. Especially him. He is not hot; just a HOT MESS. Maybe he should take pointers from Jed James (@ Jed James Casting). Jed obviously knows what he is talking about, calling me a fat wanker past his prime.

  4. If there’s one person (Aside from Perez Hilton!) that could ruin gay porn for me, it’s got to be Miss Crocker, lol.
    The end of days are near, people! 😉

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