!! OMG, it’s here: 3G iPhone !!

Finally, the iPhone that at least I have been waiting for has arrived! The 3G! And it’s only $199! And it’s being released in a lot of countries including the USA and Canada on July 11!
I think I need more exclamation points. How about… Too bad Canadian data plans are prohibitively expensive!

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6 Comments on "OMG, it’s here: 3G iPhone"

  1. Philip Tanner | June 10, 2008 at 11:18 am | Reply

    What is the point of this thing?

  2. LOL talk about being pissed if you bought the original one, 1/2 the price twice as good lol! suckers!!

  3. Wow! Technology that’s only ten years old! How amazing!
    I got my first 3G phone in High School.. Things have now moved on and I’m normally either using wifi or HSDPA (3.6mbps here, compared to 0.3mbps of 3G).
    Surely North America should be ahead of teeny little countries like my own?

  4. well i’m glad i waited!

  5. Its about time. It has been suggested that the 3G model is in time for sales in Oz. 3G is the biggest network here, without a 3G model it wouldnt sell.

  6. too bad the majority of the US doesn’t even have 3g with ATNT. good ol edge. what is the point of even bringing this out? oh yeah. money.

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