!! OMG, it’s illegal: Death !!

Death is no longer allowed in the city of Le Lavandou, France. So decrees the mayor:

“It is forbidden for any person not in possession of a family vault to die on the village’s territory.”

I can’t tell if it’s tongue in cheek, but the mayor’s reasoning is that the city of Nice has prevented his town from building a new cemetery and he’s pissed. Only in France could such a simple solution be reached so easily. (via Fuck Death Foundation)

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3 Comments on "OMG, it’s illegal: Death"

  1. There’s always Soylent Green….

  2. That’s been done before a few times in recent years. In the other cases it was to draw attention to the fact they’re running out of room to bury people, hoping it will pressure whoever to do something.
    I find the whole burial thing bizarre, but while cremation doesn’t waste land it uses lots of fuel/energy. When my time comes I wish there was a really environmentally friendly way to recycle the vessel. I kinda like the idea of running it through a wood chipper, but then not sure exactly what to do with it at that point.

  3. Random thing – I was conceived in Le Lavandou.
    It disgusts me that I know that. Damn you Mum!

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