!! OMG it’s Kanye’s new video !!

Kanye West’s vid for Flashing Lights is premiering on BET tonight, but you can see it here first!
It’s co-directed by Kanye and Spike Jonze (Director of Adaptation, Praise You music video for Fatboy Slim, and the upcoming Where the Wild Things Are).
It stars a femme-fatale booty babe in the desert at dusk. It doesn’t look like the whole video was leaked, but I’ll update with the full version when it’s out.
I know I shouldn’t, but I find Kanye really hot and I wouldn’t mind if he touched my eyeball with his tongue.
Check out the video after the jump!
Thanks to Kevin R. for the tip.

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  1. OMG! How brutal, but as always i love KANYE!

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