!! OMG, it’s Milky: The Marvelous Milking Cow !!

It’s fun to milk her gonna do it right now! If it’s not real milk, what the hell is it?

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2 Comments on "OMG, it’s Milky: The Marvelous Milking Cow"

  1. HOLY CRAP – I still have this toy sitting on my living room book shelf. I could never bring myself to get rid of it – I’m just personally bummed it doesn’t moo anymore!!! The worst memory this toy brings me, is getting my ass beat for getting water all over our dining room table (which the water turned the table green). WOW.

  2. OMG. LOL! I had this as a kid (well, my brother did) it was the stupidest toy out there! I always wondered who the hell thought this would make a great toy for kids. It was really quite pointless. It came with these white tablets that you placed in the utters. When you pumped the tail and it drank water, it would dissolve the tablet causing that white (probably highly toxic) “milk” to come out. 🙂

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