!! OMG, overshare: T-Shirts !!

Well, it’s official, society is moving backward in time. This new t-shirt being manufactured for and by Christians to encourage them to stop masturbating. First Prop 8, now this. Is nothing sacred? Next thing you know people are gonna start growing hair on their palms.
Watch a long video full of unbelievable quotes (one woman equates masturbating to going to church and having sex in a pew) after the jump.
Thanks to Alex for the tip – Alex has created some EX-HETEROSEXUAL and EX-VIRGIN tees in response.

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14 Comments on "OMG, overshare: T-Shirts"

  1. @SacMan
    Guess what the only correct interpretation of man2man with an ex-Masturbation shirt is?
    It’s true love.

  2. I MUST have one of these shirts!
    Of course, in my case, the message would translate as either “EXTREME Masturbator” or “EXCESSIVE Masturbator”.
    To the people featured on the video, Jesus/God are neo-fascist dictators!

  3. “You gots ta rock it.”
    There were too many things I could have picked apart.
    Her reference to corinthians 6:9. That is not what it says. And her “clif notes” version of it is incorrect.
    If she is going to use that as a reason the rest of us are not getting into heaven, then she ain’t goin’ either. Which would kind of suck for the rest of us. Having to listen to that bs for the rest of eternity. But then maybe it would be fun
    “Hey hows that getting in to heaven because you stopped masturbating thing workin out for you?”
    I recall something about that hippie dude dying for our sins and all that.
    I guess making a shirt proclaiming you are no longer a participant of an imagined sin, is the other ticket to heaven that we do not hear to much about.
    “anyone who did it felt guilty.”
    Not in all my years.
    “I’d be readin’ the bible an doin’ it.”
    Wait – what?
    I wonder how many people are buying it for gag gifts.

  4. “People are ashamed of it. People don’t talk about it,” she says.
    I don’t talk about bowel movements all the time either, doesn’t mean I’m ashamed of them.

  5. Retarded is right.

  6. Where are the ex-Christian t-shirts?

  7. I kinda wanted them to misspell “Masturbator” just to kick off how retarded this is. I also love how they talk about people feeling shame about wanking, and don’t realize that it’s people like them who make people feel ashamed.
    “I’ll double up on ‘Thou shalt not kill’ but don’t take thy winky from me.”–Adam Ferrara

  8. Riiiight…coz God is gonna be sooo proud of people wearing those t-shirts!

  9. Wow. First of all TMI. I don’t want to see some big fat blimp of a women walking down the street and know that at one time she was doing that. For christ sake masturbate!!! And don’t tell me about it (unless of course you are Anderson Cooper). I’ll bet the girl who carved up that cutie owns a few of those shirts.

  10. I didn’t see it as a Christian-oriented t-shirt. A guy and a girl, sitting together, with “ex-masturbator t-shirts” just says to me they aren’t wackin’ it anymore because they’re doing each other.

  11. I actually think that these are perfect to use for identifying people worth laughing at.

  12. If she doesn’t want people to masturbate, she shouldn’t be throwin’ around the word “bondage” like that. I’m so HOT RIGHT NOW!!! AHH!!! CAN’T STOP!!

  13. there is no way someone is an EX masturbator.. i have a friend thats a born again christian, who went to counceling to stop jacking it.. and had to see his priest often to repent for his slipping and jacking it.. its healthy, natural.. just makes me laugh.

  14. The “most boldest”? They got rid of masturbation AND grammar too? Idiots.

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