!! OMG, it’s official: HBO’s ‘The Comeback’ To Return For 6 New Episodes! !!

Note to self: It looks as if Lisa Kudrow’s beloved and pathetic out-of-work, former TV “It Girl” character, Miss Valerie Cherish, will officially be returning for a six-episode season airing this coming fall on HBO!
It was announced Monday that the series will pick back up with Cherish, who thinks she has things all figured out this time:

“‘The Comeback’ holds a special place in the hearts of its many fans, including many of us here at HBO,” said Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming. “I can’t wait to find out what Valerie’s been up to since we last met.”

Neither can we! Not only will it be easier for The Comeback to exist with the way TV is working these days on demand, but the show already has a cult following set and ready to consume the show. After a long day at work — we’ll be glad to see that!

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