!! OMG, it’s Oh So Quiet! You can buy Björk’s summer cottage for $205K !!

Seen it all? Looking for somewhere to be Venus, as a boy? Hold your bachlorette or maybe just some place that’s oh so quiet? Then you might consider buying Björk’s summer cottage which is on sale for a puny $250K!

It’s the idyllic summer cottage where she rested, wrote music, and vacationed with her family, and now you can own Björk’s Lake Þingvallavatn home in Þingvellir National Park in South Iceland for a cool $205,173 (28,000,00 ISK krónur). Built in 1965, the 1,012 sq. ft. lakeview property boasts two bedrooms, massive windows, a fireplace, and even its own separate boathouse.
According to the Daily Mail, the secluded home “has served as the star’s sanctuary whenever she isn’t touring since 2002.” It’s also filled with Björk-selected furniture, including gnarled wooden chairs, a beautiful stone table, and a chandelier made out of antlers, although there’s no word whether these items are included in the asking price.

This sounds like a great place to escape to if someone’s just done an embarrassing retrospective on you and you just wanna smoke a j, and chill the fuck out! Check out the rest of the property after the jump!


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