!! OMG, it’s on fire: Sassafraz restaurant !!

Something caught fire inside Toronto’s Sassafraz restaurant this morning around 11:30. Located in the heart of the fancy Yorkville neighborhood, Sassafraz was a tacky celebrity destination during the Toronto Film Festival, and now it is no more. Firefighters are still on the scene trying to put out the blaze, and it seems that the roof will collapse, which means no more awful white roof lettering. R.I.P. Sassafraz. Maybe now the Williams Sonoma store can expand into the space and become even more enormous.
UPDATE: Torontoist is on the scene taking photos and BlogTO also has photos of the smoke!

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2 Comments on "OMG, it’s on fire: Sassafraz restaurant"

  1. guess theres nothing keeping me in toronto now.

  2. Oh this is so bad. Since I came to Toronto, I wanted to have lunch at Sassafraz, because I liked their tacky name so much. I am devastated.

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