!! OMG, it’s online: Madonna’s Movie !!

Madonna’s full length documentary about how awful it is to live in Malawi is now playing on YouTube. I haven’t watched all of I AM BECAUSE WE ARE yet but I have a feeling it will be no Truth or Dare. Watch the whole thing after the jump!

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3 Comments on "OMG, it’s online: Madonna’s Movie"

  1. I watched over 1/2 hour of it so far and am going to watch more later. It really is a moving documentary – it doesn’t have the religious themes that are often associated with a lot of these so-called groups that help the children. It’s a good, honest look at what really is happening and I’m glad to see that there are people like Madonna and Angelina Jolie who are using their money and celebrity status to help get the message out.
    Observing the real truth instead of seeing a polarized view from a religious group’s commercial I think has more of an impact and will be taken more seriously than the latter.
    It’s really quite sickening that there are all these greedy egotists out there living a charmed life when there are orphaned children that are barely able (and willing) to stay alive.

  2. Just another example of Madge trying to tell us how much more understanding and better person she is. After ‘American Life’ bitch went on a crusade to be prudish and religious. This is one re-invention that I could’ve done without.

  3. Poor Madge, that bitch can control anything except the big screen. I bet you it gets her clit twisted!
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