!! OMG, how does this man exist: Painful Vagina !!

This guy is amazing. He thinks gay sex is wrong cause anal pain while doing it means God is telling you it’s evil. But he thinks it’s okay for vaginal sex and childbirth to be painful cause Eve at the apple. He’s being funny, right?
Thanks to Joseph for the tip!

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13 Comments on "OMG, how does this man exist: Painful Vagina"

  1. He’s not going to get a lot of dates with that “woman getting pleasure is a bonus and pleasure is primarily for men to enjoy”. All his dates should be showned this clip.LOL Doesn’t think too deep eh.

  2. Ok..so the vagina naturally gets wet… and lube is unnatural… so what about when a guy is pre-cumming and makes the ass wet? That is natural…right… (I am only saying this because I do have bareback sex with my partner of three years…we’re both HIV-, and he pre-cums like crazy…) PLUS… anal sex doesn’t hurt for me… My orgasms are so much more intense (in a good way) when I’m getting fucked than when I’m just jacking off. Oh wait… I get it… April Fools Right?

  3. He was really getting into the props. I really really hope this was a joke.

  4. This dude is super hot. He says the clitoris is a gift. He understands that all I want to do is lie there and wait for his sperm. He thinks I was made to pleasure him. He’s absolutely right!

  5. wait – How does he know how anal sex feels?
    Child birf? Birf?
    his other video LMAO!!
    Outside of an art class How is a banana in a toilet paper roll normal?
    “and of course, sperm comes out, and you get little babies.” AHAHAHA!!
    And of course the banana does not fit into the soda can. Not enough lube, and a soda can does not have a sphincter muscle.

  6. The poor thing. Comment from Kristofer made me laugh. I was going to comment that he pronounces vaginal wrong…but Kristofer beat me to it.
    I always thought anal sex hurt so good. I think this guy seriously needs to be shown….just how it hurts so good. Come on baby, make it hurt so good!!!!

  7. the part that gets me is that he mispronounces “vaginal”. he makes it a long “i”. vaJIEnal. what a tool.

  8. yeah i keep doing anal sex because it hurts…riiiiight…

  9. This guy is obviously challenged, first of all his facts are completely wrong. Secondly he needs to learn how to correctly say vaginal!!! I wanted to slap him every time he said it..lol And god dosen’t care where the penis goes, according to religion all sex unless for reproduction is wrong. So if I’m going to hell anyway I’ll stick it where I want! Wich in my case is a mans ass.

  10. Is it wrong that I think he’s sexy? Baffling ignorance really makes me hot.

  11. What the hell can you say to that? He has clearly done his research and there you have it, it’s wrong to be gay or lesbian, eat pussy and jerk off.

  12. This HAS to be a joke—no adult goes through life thinking this way.

  13. LMFAO! How stupid can you be???

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