!! OMG, it’s open: !! omg social club !! !!

For all you shy or non-committal types who enjoy checking out the goods on social networks without joining yourself, today is a good one for you because every page on !! omg social club !! is now viewable without logging in, including member profiles.
This is a step towards moving the social club out of beta, and we’re very happy to announce it.
Of course if you want to send a message to a member, join a fan group, or participate in discussions, you’ll need to take one minute to create your own free user account, but feel free to browse in anonymity for as long as you like. So go on, give it a try!
A special note for the exhibitionists: Now is a great time to enter for a chance to become the next !! omg social club !! COVERBOY. Contest instructions are here.

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