!! OMG, it’s over, sort of: Bratz !!

Here’s the good news – the little skank-dolls with awful fashion (when has one of those “poor-boy” hats ever looked good?) has been forced to stop production. A judge ordered the company to stop manufacturing the dolls and went so far as to order a recall of the plastic hookers from toy stores beginning in the new year.
Here’s the bad news – they were ordered to stop production because Mattel was found to be the original creators of the dolls. Now all the money will go to them when they start making the dolls again.
At least there will be a small window of whore-free children’s toys!
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1 Comment on "OMG, it’s over, sort of: Bratz"

  1. WHAT A VICTORY FOR MATTEL! I prefer classy Barbie over those slutty Bratz. Who wants to teach girls that it is okay to have heavy make up, slutty revealing ghetto clothes, excessive slangs like Bling-Bling and restylane injected lips. UGH!

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