!! OMG, guess what I’m doing this weekend?: Legal Ecstasy !!

Who spiked the punch and didn’t tell us about it? There’s a hallucinogenic drug out there called BZP that’s not yet illegal in Canada. People are calling it “Legal Ecstasy”.

BZP offers users feelings of euphoria, alertness and energy, as well as hallucinations in larger doses. Reported side effects include appetite loss, nausea, moodiness, elevated blood pressure and rapid heart rate.

Health Canada is looking to ban the drug, citing a New Zealand study where 61 people were admitted to emergency rooms because of BZP side-effects. Those side effects sound like any given Tuesday to me! Actually I could use a bit of appetite loss…I’ve been eating my way through life lately. But really folks, don’t do BZP. It bad.
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NOTE: BZP has been illegal in the USA since 2004

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5 Comments on "OMG, guess what I’m doing this weekend?: Legal Ecstasy"

  1. BZP tablets imported into NZ were left overs from China when the drug was used initially as an anti-worming agent for dogs, until dogs began having seizures from it. Why waste your time when the real deal is better. (Oh and the hospitalizations in NZ were from mixing large doses of BZP with lots of alcohol-DUMB thing to do!)

  2. Telnt, Canada and the USA are different countries, each with their own laws. BZP is currently legal in Canda, which the article is clear about, not the USA. The people of the USA are not the only ones participating on the Internet or this site.

  3. I’m from New Zealand & have tried BZP. Frankly, the comedown isn’t worth the high.

  4. Way to go promoting drug use of any kind…this is disgusting.

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