!! OMG, it’s the new teen craze: Butt chugging !!

Gather round girls and boys: soaking a tampon in vodka and shoving it in your butt or vag is not a good way to get drunk or pass a breathalyzer test. It will only result in either a trip to the hospital or a really awkward private moment in the bedroom. But teens do love to learn the hard way. (Thanks Sydney!)

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6 Comments on "OMG, it’s the new teen craze: Butt chugging"

  1. I remember seeing this on SpikeTV’s MANSWERS. Even before it was discussed, the show warned that this was so dangerous that it could kill you. But, like all drunken idiots, I’m sure many of them thought “that won’t happen to me” and went ahead and done it anyway.

  2. I know a girl that tried this at a party, she was a mess already, now 3 weeks later she’s checking into a rehab center. It may not be the epidemic that this news segment plays it out to be, but it is happening and it certainly isn’t new. That tube trick up the rectum was even featured on the show Jackass.

  3. Welcome to “news” in 2011. I also would be perfectly happy to thin the herd of anyone – teen or not – who’s poisoning themselves with vodka up the cornhole or snatch.

  4. I completely agree with Apoch003…Yes, police officer. This is happening EVERYWHERE?

  5. This is not new AT ALL.
    This is as Apoch003 says; sensationalist news.
    It’s just ratings and fearmongering.
    We heard about this in Highschool, and mind you I went to highschool 2002.. So that was a while ago.
    One could put the tampons in the butt, under the arm, in teh vadge… basically soft tissue areas that could absorb it quickly.
    There were even a few people that went overboard and got alcohol poisoning, since the alcohol goes straight out in the blood.

  6. Bullplop. This is sensationalist journalism at its worst. Not one case is cited. No proof of this happening is really offered. Plus, for girls, it’d burn like hellfire. If this happens NOW, it’s because the panicking news made it sound like something to try.

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