!! OMG, “Jesus be a raindrop”: krissychula is “hot as hell!” !!

When I first clicked on this video I swore it was me staring back at me, it was that look in the face-balls, I recognized the enragement and unholy disappointment in it’s eyes.
When it said “Power Ranger” I thought it was going to mighty morph right there in the attic, into a rare Jurassic sea-terrapin, flapping it’s fins and moaning and crying.
It is NOT tropical, it is NOT a damn toucan…got that Lordy?
I too would love to know where the hell Moses is, maybe he can talk this mighty morphin flower-in-the-attic out of mass murdering!
Maybe if Jesus WOULD be a raindrop he could drop right on it’s nose and say “hey you, here’s a tip; don’t live in the attic, rent a shady basement suit and shut the hell up. Here’s another tip; you stop flapping your mouth and fins so damn much and you might well even cool down a touch.”
Jesus drop said shush, so shush baby girl…please now !
[thanks Blake!]

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