!! OMG, join the debate: Should Homosexuals Be Killed? !!

POINT! COUNTERPOINT! The BBC asks its readers to weigh in on whether gays deserve legislated murder! Now, now, outraged readers. Let’s remember that everyone is entitled to their “point of view!” In fact, you’re hatefully discriminating against murder supporters by daring to suggest that they could be wrong! As the bible tells us, you’re the bigot!
(Via The Awl)

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12 Comments on "OMG, join the debate: Should Homosexuals Be Killed?"

  1. gays where killed during the holocaust and the question is still being brought up. I don’t think they would get the same response if they mention, should the other group killed during the holocaust be killed today? If that question was put out people would be mad as hell but this one well it seems like they just don’t give a fuck and want to see the past repeat itself. We live in a fucked up world.

  2. I think it’s tragic other parts of the world oppress a group that isn’t doing anything to them! In these days of internet, mass communication and (supposed) enlightenment, it’s hard to believe there are still crimes against gays for doing nothing (other than being themselves); brutality and unjustness towards women and I’d certainly hate to be handicapped in one of those places!
    The UN should take stronger measures and we should start boycotting these backwards hostile counties and their brutality.

  3. Sure BBC, draw attention to the situation in Uganda. But not like this. You don’t debate about issues like this. This is a very simple NO. Debate not needed. People should be allowed opinions but when opinions result in execution of people based on their sexual preferences then that opinion is wrong. Period.

  4. While their stated intent may have been to bring “attention” to the possibility of mass executions, the original headline question allows the debate to be framed without reference to Uganda. Reading the comments from the BBC thread shows the gamut that was run by people due to that phrasing. There are the usual religious gambits. There are the usual moral decay gambits. And many of the commentators didn’t care about the location of the executions at all, some even desiring to bring them to their own non-African countries as a solution to the “homosexual problem.”
    There are a number from Africans wondering why African countries’ policies on the matter are focused upon while similar Middle Eastern policies are left to exist. Even the cultural relativity argument pops up in their commenting. That at least sounds more like what the BBC was hoping their phrasing would generate.
    But in general, it’s a free-for-all in which the murderous impulses of the posters are there to see, due to the continued, weak, minority status of the undesirables in question.

  5. they wanted people to debate about it. if you look closely it says the debate is closed. poll or debate it shouldn’t be on their website.

  6. Ummm…did any of you actually read the part that isn’t in the picture posted?
    They’re asking as a way of drawing attention to some laws that are being proposed in Africa. The laws are proposing life imprisonment or death (depending upon circumstances) for people who commit homosexual acts.
    They’re not running a poll. They’re drawing attention. So, well, pay attention.

  7. John, I agree with you. But since many Black people get up in arms about it, let’s try a “birth group” that isn’t so easily identified: Jews.
    Religiosity is passed down through maternal bloodline and that is considered a credential? C’MON!
    I received homosexuality from my mother (it’s the only explanation).
    So BBC wants to find out how many people think gays should be executed? Let’s run execution polls on EVERYBODY: How many bankers should be flayed alive? How many Jews should have their fingers sewn together? How many Asians should be flogged for printing bad grammar in menus? How many women should be raped? How many French should be washed? How many Germans should be forced into a tanning bed?
    Running the poll was a bad idea.

  8. it’s time for the gay community to stop being so passive and start rioting and shooting any basher that comes within inches of any gay person. if this poll where about any other minority there would be an uproar. but gays always just sit back and allow it and it’s becoming in excusable. no, they don’t have the right to express their own opinion when it talks about executing people. that’s how genocides happen. wake up gays!

  9. the advocate recently asked in a poll if its readers would support an ENDA that dropped protection of trans folk from the bill…like it’s an issue to discuss. nobody peed their pants about THAT. just sayin’, is all.

  10. Time for every homosexual to be effectively trained on the use of a firearm, carry it at all times & use it when neccesary!

  11. I hate using the race card here BUT if we were talking about a bill asking for the criminilization of blacks or the handicapped, etc. this wouldn’t be a situation where people would be asked “do you think they should be?”, it would be flat out reprehensible.
    This leads me to agree with your the last statement which is YES, the world has gone completely fucking crazy for even debating the issue of whether or not I am aloud to exist. The world can kiss my ass, suck my dick and then can go fuck itself if it thinks I am going to go peacefully into the grave. I have NO problem grabbing a weapon and taking a few straight people with me if it ever came to point where gays are rounded up Nazi-style and taken to the ovens for a second time in history.

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