!! OMG, Just Because: Out of This World’s Evie covers Belinda Carlisle !!

Do you remember the show Out of This World? To refresh your memory, it was a syndicated sitcom, airing from 1987-1991, about girl named Evie who happens to be half-alien and half-earthling 80’s teen. She communicates with her alien father via a funny little cube that she keeps on her bedside table, and has “Out of This World” powers, most notably being able to freeze time by holding her index fingers about a centimeter apart. I used to be obsessed with this show, mostly because it was syndicated and only aired at really weird times on really weird channels that barely seemed like they existed. You never really knew when it was going to be on; basically you had to get lucky and stumble across it at 4 in the afternoon on a Sunday or something. But then you’d try to watch it again at 4 in the afternoon the following Sunday and it would have been replaced by Women’s Wrestling or lizards playing guitars and it was like it never existed. I don’t think it was ever that great of a show, but it always felt very special when you managed to find it– like the El Dorado of trashy television.
Anyway, that’s why I was both delighted and a little sad to discover the wealth of Out of this World clips on YouTube, including my favorite one, above, in which Evie inexplicably gives a rousing performance of Leave the Light by Belinda Carlisle. Girl should have frozen time and gotten some more dancing lessons! (Love the fringed gloves though.)

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