!! OMG, Keep Your God Out of My Peanuts: Flight Attendants for Christ !!

Hmmmm, who would I rather be on a plane with? A Muslim terrorist or a flight attendant trying to talk my ear off about Christ? IT’S A TOUGH CALL BUT I’M GOING WITH MUSLIM TERRORIST.
[Flight Attendants for Christ via Videogum]

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12 Comments on "OMG, Keep Your God Out of My Peanuts: Flight Attendants for Christ"

  1. Jesus said in Matthew 10:22, “and you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.”
    Yup. He was right.

  2. “I hope they try this with me. I’ll slap a lawsuit on the airline so fast it will break the sound barrier.”
    …Try what, exactly, with you? Posting a personal story related to their job as flight attendants about “spiritual growth” or their feeling of being “helped by Jesus” on some Christian women’s group blog?
    Did you even look at the advert? It doesn’t say anything about proselytising, converting, or even sharing their faith during their jobs…and I’m sure any flight attendant knows how quickly he or she would lose his or her job trying something like that.
    Boy, you sure look pretty intelligent and sophisticated threatening to sue a bunch of flight-attendant ladies for posting on a personal blog about how their faith affects how they go about their job!

  3. Hello guys……..ever heard of irony? It’s something we invented in the UK and some of you North Americans just don’t get. Personally, I agree with BMAD; just blow me (up) instead of a slow, lingering boring death-by-Christian-Flight-Attendant. Besides, there is no such thing as God. Come join my group, “Atheists for Jesus” and find out!

  4. In all honestly, I’d rather fly without talky, devout Christians, *and* stabby Muslim terrorists, thankyouverymuch.

  5. I’ll take the terrorist too. At least he’ll kill you quickly instead of slowly boring you to death like the christian flight attendant.
    Brian-Your christian family thinks you deserve to be tortured for eternity, they’re only sticking by you because they think you can be lured back into the cult. Grow up.

  6. It seems that this is a group for flight attendants who are already Christians not converting people.
    Terrorist, Muslim or any other, were trying to kill everyone on a plane! Those are some harsh offensive words you wrote

  7. You know, they tie homosexuals to a stake and stone them in Muslim countries. Or just hang them outright, for nothing more than being gay. Whereas there are openly homosexual priests in Episcopal Christian churches in the US. And a notable lack of homosexual stonings.
    I guess the question in your scenario really is who the more intolerant bigot on your flight, you or the Muslim terrorist?

  8. I agree with Brian. If i wasn’t perpetually bored, i would stop coming to this blog.

  9. I think the statement was a directed towards the christians who try to push their beliefs off on others not the people who simply follow christian religion. I find it offensive when christians try to engage me in conversations about jesus. Frankly, it can feel terrorizing in certain instances. People do some crazy things in the name of jesus. I immediately distrust people when they start talking the jesus talk.

  10. I’m for the terrorist too. We can only take so much of you ‘christians’ who can’t handle the free exchange of ideas in a democracy. Fundamental christianity is as dangerous as fundamental islam and what’s scary if those of you who can’t see this.

  11. Steveningen | May 20, 2010 at 2:36 pm | Reply

    I hope they try this with me. I’ll slap a lawsuit on the airline so fast it will break the sound barrier.

    What a horrible thing to say. I’m a gay man who was raised in a christian family with lots of friends and family who also have faith in the bible. To say you would rather share a plane with a terrorist than a christian really makes me wonder who the bigots are anymore.
    I love this site and have followed it since I was like 17 and that one comment really threw me off. I understand you have issues with certain religions, But try and remember you have a wide fan base who can only take so much.

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