!! OMG, kim-oh-no you did-n’t: Guinea Piglet Costumery !!

The Guinea is arguably the cutest form of pig, and unarguably the fluffiest variety of pig, and I’m holding off getting a pet until they invent the cutest of all cutest, when they breed the world’s very first PYGMY-GUINEA-PIGGY !
Like when one awaits the arrival of an impending ball of baby flesh, I shall until this point collect outfits and mini diapers and baby blankies until which point my pygmy-piglet is suckling upon my ample bosom. At guineapigfashion you can purchase polka tanks, colonial ringlet-wigged straw-brimmed hats, tiaras [if yours happens to be a princess piglet], plus dresses, wedding garb, Santa stitches and kimonos.
Click below to see some select outfits modeled by the fattest, hairiest, cutest models you’ll ever see [Walter Van Beirendonck’s excepted], oooh I think I just developed a PSYCHOSOMATIC PIGGY PREGNANCY POTBELLY…I’m ex-pec-ting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 8.35.22 AM.png
[via jezebel]

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